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Your mental health is important

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I am an integrative Relational counsellor, which means I combine a variety of therapeutic approaches so that as we work together I can adapt to your needs.

Perhaps, you know what you want to explore and you’d like some help to address those thoughts, feelings and behaviors that you find challenging.

Bereavement, trauma, depression, unfair dismissal, menopause, depression, anxiety, affairs, sex addiction and loneliness can all have a detrimental effect on our day to day life.

All of us are conditioned by our surroundings — our families, communities, societies, culture — without exceptions. No matter your creed, gender, colour, etc., we carry experiences from our past, tinted by the world around us.

Understanding who we are requires understanding these influences; otherwise, we cannot tease out who we are at our "core," from what we've been taught. Even if there is overlap, there is also a difference! I look forward to sifting through the layers with you.

Safe & Ambient


Competitive Price

The Eaves hosts bespoke therapy rooms which are discreet, calming and sound proofed for complete privacy.

My services are completely confidential, compassionate and reliable. I am happy to provide testimonials at your request.

Therapy should be available for all. My sessions are £50 for 50 minutes. The first 30 minute session is free of charge.

Happiness is not out there. It's in you.