DB Counselling Guildford & Surrey

Therapy sessions are 50 minutes long and are charged at £50 each

Walk & Talk Therapy

Living in a beautiful county like Surrey offers some incredibly beautiful walks.

Find clarity and calm. with walk and talk therapy, aiding gentle exercise whilst connecting to nature as a healing practice.

Online Therapy

Online therapy can be extremely beneficial for those with less time, or who simply prefer to carry out sessions from the comfort of their own home.

They are also a completely safe way to ensure no contamination from covid 19.

I offer online counselling for anyone based in the UK. 

Face to Face Therapy

From October 2021 I will be holding therapy sessions in a private bespoke therapy room at The Eaves centre in Stoughton, Guildford. 

Rooms are soundproofed, comfortable and warm.

Free parking. 

Culturally Sensitive Therapy

All of us are conditioned by our surroundings — our families, communities, societies, culture — without exceptions. No matter your creed, gender, colour, etc., we carry experiences from our past, tinted by the world around us. Understanding who we are requires understanding these influences; otherwise, we cannot tease out who we are at our "core," from what we've been taught. Even if there is overlap, there is also a difference! I look forward to sifting through the layers with you